Thank you for your interest in applying for our Sinneave Skills Group.

If all of the statements below apply to you, this skills group may be right for you.

  • I can reliably and independently participate in a group setting (e.g., Attend groups on time, communicate with group leader if you are unable to attend, I do not require a one-to-one assistant).
  • I self-identify (or have been diagnosed) as being neuro-diverse and/or autistic.
  • I am able to commit to 6 weeks of programming (90 minutes to 2 hours) once weekly.
  • I will commit to keeping an open mind, and actively participating in program activities.
  • I am able to complete this form by myself or with minimal support
  • I am able to travel independently or have reliable transportation arrangements to and from the program
  • OR
  • For skills groups presented via video conferencing, I have access to the following technology: computer, latest version of the Zoom application downloaded, microphone, speaker, and webcam. A cell phone will not be sufficient.

If one or more statement does not apply to you, it is likely that this skills group will not meet your needs at this time. Please contact us at 403-210-5000 or to learn about other programs and services that would be a better fit at this time.

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